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Pedigree Charts

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316796 Lendel Ray Reynolds                                                           Lendel.reynolds@gmail.com
Ancestor Spouse
Gen:  3 Raston Reynolds Daisy Weeks
Birth Jun 28, 1914 Hacodie, Walton, Florida, USA Aug 24, 1911 Walton Co, Florida, USA
Death Dec 08, 2003 Winter Haven, Polk, Florida, USA May 01, 1978 Winter Haven, Polk, Florida, USA
Marriage  Nov 04, 1931 Walton Co, Florida, USA  
Gen:  4 James William Reynolds Ginsia Francis "Vee" Lanbeth
Birth May 05, 1870 Barber Co, Alabama, USA Jul 28, 1888 Florida or Alabama, USA
Death May 29, 1931 Walton Co, Florida, USA Dec 12, 1984 Lake Wales, Polk, Florida, USA
Marriage  Aug 02, 1913 Unknown  
Gen:  5 Artimus Leroy Reynolds Ann Threewitt Sinquefield
Birth Nov 11, 1844 Berzelia, Columbia, Georgia, USA Nov 11,1844 Districe 48, Jefferson, Georgia, USA
Death Mar 22, 1922 Clayton, Barbor, Alabama, USA May 07, 1881 Clayton, Barbor, Alabama, USA
Marriage  Dec 12, 1868 Clayton, Barbor, Alabama, USA  
Gen:  6 Martin B. Reynolds Susan Strowder Culbreath
Birth 1796 Columbia Co, Georgia, USA abt. 1803 Georgia, USA
Death Sep 1859 Columbia Co, Georgia, USA aft. 1880 Georgia?, USA
Marriage  Jan 22, 1824 Columbia Co, Georgia, USA  
Gen:  7 Robert Reynolds Mary Jones
Birth 1761 Caroline Co, Virginia, USA 1769 Virginia, USA
Death Dec 20, 1815 Columbia Co, Georgia, USA aft. 1856 Georgia?, USA
Marriage  Dec 20, 1788 Edgefirld Districe 96, South Carloina, USA  
Comments:We have narrowed it down that Robert was the son of, one of two brothers, who both were the sons of, Richard Reynolds Jr. Born 1669 in Isle of Wight Co. Virginia. Died; 1785, Halifax, Virginia, USA; Who married Mary Anderson; born 1680 in Surry or Isle Of Wight Co, VA.
Who is the daughter of: Robert Anderson and wife Cecilia Poindexter Massie. I also found I have 56 DNA matches who all match me on the same segment number all on Chromosome #11. The only common line we all share are the X&Y lines of Christopher the Immigrant of 1622 VA, his son Richard Sr., his grandson Richard Jr. along with their wives line down to James and Thomas the sons of Richard Jr. above. Another thing to note. Some of my Chromosome #11 matches comes form the line of Celsea Reynolds the supposed sister of Christopher the immigrant.

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