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Ancestor Spouse
Gen: 2 Purlie Houston Reynolds Jr. Elizabeth Marvell Pullen
Birth 06 10 1907 Bishopville, Lee, SC, USA 06 06 1906 Chester, Delaware, PA, USA
Death 14 Oct 1992 Sun City, AZ, USA 15 Sep 1993 Glendale, AZ, USA
Marriage 11 11 1933 Mt. Lebanon, PA, USA  
Gen: 3 Purlie Houston Reynolds Sr. Lou Mood Alexander
Birth 05 Sep 1879 Darlington, SC, USA 07 Oct 1889 Kershaw, SC, USA
Death 14 Jan 1939 Bishopville, Lee, SC, USA 03 Jan 1958 Savannah, Chatham, GA, USA
Marriage 10 Oct 1906 Bishopville, Lee, SC, USA  
Gen: 4 Robert Monroe Reynolds Emmary Elizabeth Amerson
Birth 10 Feb 1855 Darlington Dist., SC, USA 04 Nov 1856 Darlington Dist., SC, USA
Death 1936 Lamar, Darlington, SC, USA 17 Feb 1935 Lamar, Darlington, SC, USA
Marriage 3 Mar 1875 Darlington, SC, USA  
Gen: 5 Robert Mitchell Reynolds Mary E. Fields
Birth 21 Sep 1826 Darlington Dist., SC, USA 1827 Darlington Dist., SC, USA
Death 20 Apr 1905 Lamar, Darlington, SC, USA 25 Dec 1902 Darlington, SC, USA
Marriage bef. 1844 Darlington Dist., SC, USA  
Gen: 6 Elijah Reynolds First Wife Unknown
Birth c. 1794 SC    
Death 1862 Darlington Dist., SC, USA bef. 1849 Darlington Dist., SC, USA
Marriage   Darlington Dist., SC, USA  
Gen: 7 Abraham Reynolds Winneford Unknown
Birth bef.1765   bet. 1756-1760 maybe NC
Death 1820 Darlington Dist., SC, USA 1840 Darlington Dist., SC, USA
Marriage bef. 1787 maybe NC, USA  
Comments:  Abraham and Winneford's oldest child, Fereby/Phereba was b. c. 1787 in NC. That's from 1850, Autauga, AL Census with her husband James G. Mims Sr. Abraham Reynolds and a William Reynolds 1765 - 1836 were contemporaries in Cheraw/Darlington Dist./Co. SC. Their families intermarried plus with that of Mims families. It may be a coincidence or clues, but a Thomas Mims is in Bladen, NC 5 Oct 1749, then a Geo Mims is granted land there 9 Apr 1752. On 10 Oct 1787, an Abraham Renalds is granted land near a Thomas Mims in Bladen A witness was Elijah Reynolds. Bladen, NC was formed 1734 from New Hanover and court house fires in 1800 and 1893 lost many records. Are the Mims and Reynolds in Bladen, NC, some of the same group that then were in Cheraw/Darlington Dist., SC? Did our Abraham move from Bladen, NC sometime bet. 1787 & 1795? Purlie Houston Reynolds Jr. descends from two children of Robert Mitchell Reynolds m. Mary E. Fields: Louisa Elizabeth Reynolds m. 1) Benjamin M. Alexander and Robert Monroe Reynolds m. Emmary Elizabeth Amerson. The family lineage in the 1959 Stephen Frederick Tillman book - Reynolds Family 1530-1959 is incorrect. Our Abraham is not James Abraham and son of William Reynolds m. Margaret Harris in Edgefield Dist. SC.

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