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469451 Robert A. Reynolds robertreynolds@outlook.com
Ancestor Spouse
Gen: 2 Douglas Leonard Reynolds Judith Carol Hoiseth
Birth Jan 24, 1945 Ravalli Co., MT March 2, 1947  
Gen: 3 Raymond Jack Reynolds Myrtle Brown
Birth 1916 Ravalli Co., MT    
Death 1966      
Gen: 4 William Melton Reynolds Flora Ware
Birth Feb 1870 Owsley Co., KY    
Death   Ravalli, MT    
Gen: 5 Eli Reynolds Susan Dalton
Birth Sep 14, 1836 Owsley Co., KY    
Death Nov 3, 1922 Middletown, Butler, Ohio    
Marriage 1857 Owsley Co., KY  
Gen: 6 Richard Reynolds Jemima Owens
Birth 1802 Cow Creek, Madison, KY    
Death 1864 Owsley Co., KY    
Marriage Sep 27, 1827 Estill Co., KY  
Gen: 7 Richard Reynolds Elizabeth McLemire (McLemore on memorial stone)
Birth 1770 NC    
Death 1824 Clay Co., KY    
Marriage 1790    
Gen: 8 Richard Spencer Reynolds Sarah Ann Hamilton
Birth 1749 Caroline Co., VA    
Death Oct 20, 1787 Wilkes Co., GA    
Gen: 9 James Reynolds Susan/Susannah/Sukie Lindsay
Birth 1715 Surry Co., VA    
Death abt 1791 Caroline Co., VA    
Marriage 1748 King William Co., VA  
Gen: 10 Richard Reynolds Elizabeth Williams/Mary Anderson
Birth 1669 Lower Parish, Isle of Wight Co. VA    
Death Died 1754      
Marriage 1694 in Isle of Wight Co.  
Gen: 11 Richard Joshua Reynolds Elizabeth Sharpe
Birth 1641 Isle of Wight Co., VA    
Death July 27, 1711 Newport Parish, Giles Co., VA    
Marriage 1748 King William Co., VA  
Gen: 12 Christopher Reynolds Elizabeth Matthews
Birth 1611 Gravesend, Kent, England (allegedly)    
Death May 1, 1654 Isle of Wight Co., VA    
Marriage 1635 Isle of WIght Co., VA  
Came to the new world aboard the "John and Francis," 1622
Comments:  Gens 13+ synthetic/heresay/undocumented/unproveable/etc., sadly.
Note: Ordered the y-111 kit prior to Christmas 2015. It has not yet been analyzed. Should be part of batch 661 to be analyzed late March/early April.

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