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Pedigree Chart for Glenn Newton Reynolds

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81672 Glenn Newton Reynolds - 60 Squire Hill Rd, New Milford, CT 06776 greshea@aol.com
Ancestor Spouse
Gen: 2 John Henry Reynolds Pearl Ameila Heiser Reynolds
Birth 03/26/1907 Havana, Cuba 07/06/1911 Richmond Hill, NY
Death 2003 New Milford, CT c. 1999 Lakewood, NJ
Marriage 10/10/1936 Passaic, NJ  
Gen: 3 William Raymond Reynolds Grace Agan
Birth 04/29/1878 Columbia City, IA 06/27/188? NY, NY
Death 10/04/1935 Delawana, NJ 09/12/1969 Greenwich, NY
Marriage ? ?  
Gen: 4 John Reynolds Nancy Jane Smith
Birth 04/15/1845 PA 10/01/1846 Wabash County, IA
Death 10/24/1928 Lagro, IN 02/21/1932 Lagro, IA
Marriage ? ?  
Gen: 5 William Reynolds Fanny Musselman
Birth c. 1801 Ireland (possibly Killeshandra, Cavan) 03/15/1809 PA
Death ? Wabash County, IA ? Wabash County, IA
Marriage ? PA  
Gen: 6 possibly John Reynolds possibly Mary Briggs
Comments:  Immigrant ancestor, William Reynolds, was probably Methodist, or Presbiterian, Immigrated to the US in 1822 and went directly to Lancaster county, PA. In 1849 the family headed west and settled in Lagro, IA. where he started his farm.

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