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Reynolds Surname DNA Project
Participant Contacts

The following participants in the Reynolds Surname DNA Project have signed a Personal Information Release Form agreeing to share contact information. The individuals listed below are not necessarily the actual individuals who provided the DNA sample, but they are the people who have the most interest and knowledge of the specific Reynolds line being researched. To add your name to this list go to the Information Release Form, print it, fill it out and mail it the address on the bottom of the form.

ID# Contact Information EMail Address Click to view Chart
17087 Allan Frederick Reynolds - nee Anne Reynolds Kelly Morris anne433@yahoo.com pedigree chart
26054 Dorsey Richard Reynolds drreynolds@charter.net pedigree chart
32270 Vincent Murray Reynolds vmreynolds@gmail.com pedigree chart
33560 Robert Houston Reynolds - nee Margaret Ann Reynolds Nesbitt mar.nesbitt@msn.com pedigree chart
48470 James W. Reynolds - nee Ronald Norton Hood roonoohoo@gmail.com pedigree chart
54342 John Laurence Reynolds - nee Peggy Reynolds Oliver peggyjune@roadrunner.com pedigree chart
81672 Glenn Newton Reynolds greshea@aol.com pedigree chart
94288 Charles Edward Reynolds creynolds@butlerpappas.com pedigree chart
94658 Larry Joe Reynolds Joe.Reynolds@ReynoldsFamily.org pedigree chart
B1588 Don Edmund Reynolds dereynolds@mytangledweb.com pedigree chart
B4287 William R. Reynolds Jr. - nee Holly Reynolds reynolds4776@bellsouth.net pedigree chart
B4633 Dale Robert Reynolds judyr1949@yahoo.com pedigree chart
111592 Robert Morris Reynolds robertreynolds@suddenlink.net pedigree chart
112231 Joseph Stanley Reynolds jsr1902@hotmail.com pedigree chart
130633 Jerry Paul Adams jerrylynn1982@netzero.com pedigree chart
143508 David Charles Reynolds dcr@chilitech.net pedigree chart
151084 James G Reynolds - nee John Carson john.carson57@gmail.com pedigree chart
152546 Raymond (Ray) John Reynolds raybec2@bigpond.com pedigree chart
183157 Fred Anthony Reynolds - nee Kathy C. Beals kathybeals@earthlink.net pedigree chart
202289 Michael Todd Runnels - nee Lana Olivia Runnels Knor lanaknor_1@msn.com pedigree chart
207109 Wesley Holmes Reynolds - nee Mary Frances Reynolds Eggleston mfeggleston@gmail.com pedigree chart
207617 James H, Reynolds jimhreynolds@gmail.com pedigree chart
219677 Marc Steven Reynolds Marc.Reynolds@vadoc.virginia.gov pedigree chart
234908 James Edward Reynolds Jr. - nee Dorothy Seabrook (Welch) Smith Gardendot@aol.com pedigree chart
265494 Mark Arthur Reynolds sisu722@yahoo.com pedigree chart
269583 Michael Eugene Reynolds robo94@yahoo.com pedigree chart
307162 Stanley John Reynolds stanley_reynolds@yahoo.com pedigree chart
307882 William Eric Reynolds - nee Donna Jane Parker djpparker@att.net pedigree chart
312157 Robert Warner Reynolds rreynolds101@comcast.net pedigree chart
316796 Lendel Ray Reynolds Lendel.reynolds@gmail.com pedigree chart
327315 Clint Edward Forth clint.e.forth@gmail.com pedigree chart
329104 Burton Charles Reynolds burtonc@mac.com pedigree chart
351912 Warren Ellsworth Reynolds dsagarbarini@gmail.com pedigree chart
352718 James Reynolds nee Mary Reynolds Reynolsrap@aol.com pedigree chart
355307 Larry Wayne Runnels - nee Lana Olivia Runnels Knor lanaknor_1@msn.com pedigree chart
365325 Jeffery Allen Reynolds jeff_reynolds@yahoo.com pedigree chart
371521 Timothy Lane Reynolds tim.reynolds@comcast.net pedigree chart
373210 Gary Eugene Reynolds nee Karen Reynolds Stoll kl.stoll@comcast.net pedigree chart
400254 Jerald Reynolds nee Carollee Reynolds carolleereynolds@gmail.com pedigree chart
404104 Kerry E. Reynolds kncreynolds@comcast.net pedigree chart
480513 Glen E. Reynolds, Jr. n52294@aol.com pedigree chart
259756 Thomas Leroy Reynolds troutlaketom@embarqmail.com pedigree chart
469451 Robert A. Reynolds robertreynolds@outlook.com pedigree chart
272725 William Caldwell Reynolds, Jr. billrey@hotmail.com pedigree chart